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Clear2care does not teach you how to diagnose pneumonia, read an EKG, or start an IV with an ultrasound machine.  We already know that you are all well educated and trained professionals with all sorts of degrees, titles, merit badges and certifications.  But with all that you already know, if you can’t seem to find the satisfaction you were looking for when you signed up for this career, then you are ready to understand what John Wooden was talking about when he said: It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts!”  We will teach you how to dismantle the myth that is making you sick and to work with the intangible energies of thought and emotion,which are the components of the intangible stuff of true care, which will heal you. 

We seek to give you exactly what you need to create real and lasting satisfaction on both sides of the stethoscope through unique perspectives and insights, tools, tips, methods, approaches and ideas through books, seminars, on-line materials and video presentations that provide real solutions for care givers and health care institutions.  Dr. Gabrin also maintains anon-line social presence and blog.  All of these are designed to enhance, augment and elevate the levels of personal satisfaction, professional enjoyment, employee and physician engagement, as well as patient satisfaction in all areas of health care.

This novel solution Dr. Gabrin has developed not only fixes many of these problems for health care workers, it is also good for the patients they serve and the institutions they work for. In a time when most people are not satisfied with healthcare, this solution helps to heal our healthcare heroes through a process that also enhances the patient experience and gives the health care industry a mechanism to achieve high levels of employee and physician engagement, as well as the ability to generate much higher patient satisfaction scores.

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Shot of Satisfaction
Antidotes for Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Thursday, December 17, 2015
A Pot of Gold
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