Putting the Care in Health Care

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shutterstock_132304208Clear2care’s mission is to heal the everyday heroes of healthcare from the disease of compassion fatigue and burnout. We believe that caring for others should feel incredibly good and seek to dismantle the big lie, or the myth, that caregivers have been taught and incorporated into their practice that we believe is the cause of this dis-ease: The myth of keeping our professional distance in order to be better caregivers.  In its place, we seek to teach that to do betterwe do not need to step back, but rather we need to take a step forward and connect more fully with the hurting human in front of us.  When we take this step forward, we engage the protocol of True Care, which is what will cause uson both sides of the stethoscope to feel better.

Clear2 care came to life through the vision of Dr. Frank Gabrin, an Emergency Room physician who has dedicated himself to bring to his peers the relief and fulfillment he has found by sharing the tools and techniques he has developed on his personal journey.  He is committed to changing the practice of medicine by teaching his six stage protocol for generating and delivering True Care as a necessary process in the high tech solutions oriented environment of health care today, thereby creating satisfaction for the both the caregiver and the patient.  He lectures and provides seminars on his methods, sends out a weekly newsletter, as well as is developing an on-line learning curriculum.  His article, Discovering the Heart of Care, was featured on the cover of Medical Economics on May 25th, 2012.

Clear2care, INC’s primary focus is to help doctors, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, medics, techs, social workers, case managers, clinical pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and all others who want a rewarding career in the helping professions, including managers and hospital administrators. We want every one to get the satisfaction they crave and deserve by mindfully putting the intangibles of care into their practice of medicine and nursing.

We seek to enhance the health care experience for patients and their families.  We support hospitals and health care systems in nurturing and developing their most precious resource, their people, for you see only humans can generate and deliver the unique and intangible commodity of True Care.

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