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I believe that there is nothing better than the feeling you get when you care for others, and you know that your care made a difference.  Working as a nurse or a doctor should be an emotionally rewarding experience.  Currently this is not the case.  Studies show incredibly high rates of burnout across the country, especially in primary care arenas.

I too was once badly burned out.  One day, something happened clinically for me, that made me realize that I did not know what care was.  I soon came to realize that all of medicine and nursing is confused about care, that we were taught to be confused and most of us don’t really know how to care.

As a result of my relentless search to find out what care really was, I designed a process that allowed me to generate and deliver what I now call ‘true care’ to my patients.  I was amazed to learn that adding this true care to the practice of medicine cured compassion fatigue and burnout.  It raised patient satisfaction scores.  It generated the penultimate in the patient experience, and that caused both physicians and nurses to become engaged again with their careers.

order-amazonIn this eBook, I will show you why care givers are unique as a work force and why I believe that compassion fatigue is a misnomer and that the condition should really be called empathetic overload.  I will show you how, through true care, compassion fatigue and burnout need never occur, and that if they do, there is a clear way back to being a joyful and fulfilled human once again.

Care 101 will change your practice of medicine or nursing by dismantling the big myth that we’ve all bought into and has kept us from experiencing all the best things we wanted from our careers and lives in the first place.  I will expose it for the lie that it is and help you dismantle it for yourself so that you can begin adding true care to your practice and this will change everything for you.

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Shot of Satisfaction
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Thursday, December 17, 2015
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