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41NtxadVLWL._SY346_This manuscript is sort of the cliff notes or the synthesis of everything I have ever written, designed specifically to get you quickly to a healthy emotional place where your caring can be effective.  “Booster shots” is a compilation, or a best of the “Shot Of Satisfaction,” which is a blog that I write each week to help people inject True Care directly into their nursing or medical practice as well as their every day lives and reality.  In here you will also find excerpts from my other books, Care 101 and Back from Burnout.   Almost everything I write centers around the concept of True Care.

While everything changed for the better for me once I discovered the power of True Care to transform my experience of life, I soon realized that many times, it can be, oh so very difficult to care, especially if we are suffering from the cumulative emotional effects of compassion fatigue known as professional burnout.

In this book, I share real life blogs for each of the steps of R.E.F.L.E.C.T.  These steps are: Remember why you came here and what you want.  Earn your satisfaction, Formulate your plan and free yourself from agenda, Look to see if you are the cause of something better or the effect of another’s bad mood or situation, Evaluate your success- are you creating satisfaction?, if not, Circle Back to the beginning and apply the steps again. Finally Take Care of yourself.

order-amazonBooster Shots will have you well on your way to erasing years of the deadly effects of compassion fatigue and burnout because you will have the ways and the means to get out your own way to generate and deliver True Care whenever you want to, and each time you do, you will feel a little bit better as a result.  Before long you could be feeling good and creating satisfaction all of the time, both at work and at home.

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Shot of Satisfaction
Antidotes for Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
Thursday, December 17, 2015
A Pot of Gold
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Each Shot of Satisfaction is related to one of the seven steps back from burnout in the process of REFLECT. My hope is that, by sharing with you how I apply these steps in my daily life, it will help you on … Continue reading