Back from Burnout

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Every health care professional needs to own this book because it is such a good guide to look to on the best and worst days of your career! Bravo Dr. Gabrin!
Rebecca Janda, RN


BACK FROM BURNOUT:  Seven Steps to Healing from Compassion Fatigue and Rediscovering (Y)our Heart of Care


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WARNING: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Caring for Others Is Hazardous to Your Health

What if the application to medical or nursing school, or the packet for EMT or Paramedic training, had carried a warning like this on the first page? We probably would have ignored it. How could caring for others be bad for you? It just seems intuitively wrong. Most of us were young, idealistic and invincible when we enrolled in school. We would all have said, “Naah . . . that could never happen to me!”

But if you work in healthcare today, you probably know all too well that it can happen to you—and perhaps it’s happening to you right now.

(excerpt from the book)


Today, it seems as if no one is happy with healthcare in America and many bright and talented professionals are leaving the medical field feeling frustrated and disillusioned. We are already experiencing critical shortages in both nursing and medicine and our nursing and medical school classes are not filled. A few years ago, Dr. Gabrin was struggling personally and professionally with frustration, fatigue and burn out, when something happened that, once clearly understood fundamentally expanded his perceptions about modern healthcare and changed the way he practices medicine, lives his life and cares for others.

In his first book, Back from Burnout: Seven Steps to Healing from Compassion Fatigue and Rediscovering (Y)our Heart of Care, he shares what he has learned in his life-laboratory, the patient’s beside, and he shares with all of us the root of the problem on both sides of the stethoscope today. The myth of keeping our professional distance in order to be better caregivers. In its place, Dr. Gabrin teaches us that to do better we do not need to step back, but rather we need to take a step forward and connect more fully with the hurting human in front of us. When we take this step forward, we engage the protocol of True Care which is what will cause us on both sides of the stethoscope to feel better.

Back from Burnout gives you tools and techniques, outlined in the seven step R.E.F.L.E.C.T. process, that once understood and applied, instantly allow you to create unlimited amounts of satisfaction for yourself, your peers and your patients by transforming your care into True Care. By doing so, you will be able to find new meaning and purpose in what it is you are already doing.

order-amazon On this journey with Dr. Gabrin, you will develop a new perspective that will allow you to see how to use these novel approaches to transform your most difficult challenges into your most rewarding experiences. With the tools and techniques you will learn to help you on your own journey, you will most definitely realize that you, like no other, have the power to care, to make a difference and change (y)our world. You will be transformed into the modern hero of healthcare that your patients are so desperately wanting and needing to show up at their bedside.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015
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