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The 6 Stage Protocol of True Care


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Care 101 clearly details the manufacture and delivery of the one product that makes the healthcare industry unique compared to all other businesses:  True Care

This process of mindfully generating and delivering True Care will cause your patient to feel better and will cause you to feel better too.  The reason you will both feel better is because when you affect True Care, you become the cause of a change in a specific blend of neurochemical transmitters found in both your brains.  This change is primarily in the pre-frontal cortex and this new mix of neurotransmitters causes the wholesome feel good areas of your brain to light up and drip dopamine as well as other feel good neurotransmitters.  Through True Care, you will be the creator of real and lasting satisfaction on both sides of your stethoscope.  It was Deepak Chopra who said, “To think is to practice brain chemistry!”   I say, “To activate compassion is to create feel good brain chemistry!”

As humans, we have the unique ability to generate en endless supply of compassion. It is here in the experience of mindfully generating compassion for another that we can generate in our own brain, the milk of human kindness that bathes our own gray matter in a specific mix of positive neurotransmitters.  This positivity that we create is what makes us, our patients and their loved ones feel better, do better and be better.  This is how and where we make a difference that really matters.  This is how we not only escape and heal the effects of compassion fatigue and burnout, but how we enlarge our capacity as humans to be intimate and to be comfortable in that intimate connection. This is where we begin totreating all people as deserving of human dignity and we loose our cynicism.  This is where, and how, we become interested in life again and regrow our self-esteem.  This is empowering.  This is energizing.  This is ultimately significant and extremely satisfying.  Turning on our compassion is what generates all the good feelings we crave as a result of our efforts to provide True Care.

True Care is good for patients, care givers, hospitals and the communities they serve.  This is because it generates the penultimate patient experience which results in high levels of satisfaction for both patients and their families,real and lasting satisfaction for the healthcare worker and provides hospitals a  mechanism to create high levels of employee engagement.

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